Ohio Winery

While counting the fewest wineries in Ohio by region, Southeastern Ohio boasts many great wines. Southeastern Ohio - bounded by Columbus to the North and by West Virginia and Pennsylvania to the South and East.

Many of these wineries can be found along the highway between Columbus and Pittsburg. When you are taking a trip or just have a pleasant Autumn afternoon to fill take the time to visit some of America's and Ohio's hidden gems. Stop in for a taste of some great Ohio wines.

Buckeye Winery - 40 miles East of Columbus

Coffee Cake Winery - 55 miles West of Pittsburg, PA

Flint Ridge Vineyard - 50 miles East of Columbus

Georgetown Vineyards - 80 miles East of Columbus

Hidden Lakes - 15 miles Southeast of Columbus

Marietta Wine Cellars - 124 miles Southeast of Columbus

Merry Family Winery - 100 miles South of Columbus

Rainbow Hills Vineyards - 92 miles Northeast of Columbus

Raven's Glenn Winery & Restaurant - 110 miles Northeast of Columbus

Slate Run Vineyard - 22 miles Southeast of Columbus

Stone Crest Vineyard - 55 miles Northeast of Columbus

Terra Cotta Vineyards - 70 miles East of Columbus

Wyandotte Winery - In Columbus

The wineries in Ohio are listed according to their location.

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